The 7 week training plan

  Do you know what happens when you sign up for races? You need to train for them. A Midsummer’s Night Run is 7 weeks away. That’s not that far. Given that I’ve been mentally out of it when it comes to running this month, I’m using the fact it will be July this weekend […]

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Happy Gravity Strength to me

  What: Gravity Strength, 45 minutes When: Friday at 12:30pm Where: Get Spun (129 Spadina Avenue) Who: Christie Ness So last week being Valentine’s Day in all, what was a fit, single gal to do? Seeing I had no plans made for myself, nor did I want to impose on Erin’s potential plans… Who are […]

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6.2km to Kula

I did minimal yoga last year as my racing geared up. I decided that this would not happen in 2012. I made dedicated space in my training program for yoga and spent much off my down time from training exploring different yoga studios in the city to find the right combinations of teacher, times and […]

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On the run in the Don Valley

I hadn’t seen Jill since LAST YEAR (it was about a week ago, but LAST YEAR is crazy fun to say!), so I invited her to join me on my long run and have brunch after this morning. It was a beautiful winter day — -5 degrees and sunny — so we took to the […]

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The 2012 Running Plan

I’ve been thinking a lot about my 2012 running goals. I want to get faster, but considering that 2011 was my first full year running, that shouldn’t be hard. I think I want to run a marathon. Okay, that’s a lie. I know I want to run a marathon. But the time commitment, the physical […]

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Running Chicago-style

Running in Chicago turned out to be the best thing ever. Like Toronto, Chicago has a spectacular waterfront. Unlike Toronto, Chicago has completely embraced this lakeside wonder. It was the busiest I have ever seen a running trail. Ever. This was the first vacation Matt and I have taken since I became a “runner” so […]

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