Stand Up Paddleboarding

Jill’s Marathon Training Week #13

Oh goodness, my marathon is weeks away. Weeks! And with all the training and running I’ve been doing you’d think I’d feel somewhat ready. This is not the case. Well some days it is and other days it is not. Although my epic long run with Julie – ya the run were we ran to […]

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Summer SUPing had me a blast

Everyone knows that summer is the time for fun, getaways, vacations, amazing food, and sometimes if you’re lucky a little summer lovin’ may find it’s way to your heart. I’ve found love this summer in the Beaches. A little thing called stand up paddleboarding! Ya you may have heard about it especially if you’ve been […]


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Jill’s Marathon Training Week #6

Does anyone else feel like training makes your week just fly by?! Literally. I have know idea how the summer is half over, July is gone and the August long weekend is here. It doesn’t make any sense. So how did I spend my long weekend? By running of course! Monday was another double teaching […]

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Gone SUPing

  Back in August when the weather was warmer and the thought of swimming — or avoiding the water entirely, in my case — was compeletely out of the question, Jackie asked me if I wanted to go stand up paddleboarding with her. Of course I said yes. Jackie was feeling a bit down because […]


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