Wake Up, Nike Women’s Marathon!

  Hello, Toronto! I am officially back and ready to rekindle my fitness regime after a much needed break (from both the city and from running). Everyone needs a break once in awhile, it’s important to refuel the mind and body, and that is exactly what I did on my west coast vacation. But now, […]

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Looking forward to the rest of 2012

  At the beginning of the year, both Jill and I set fitness goals. Ambitious ones. Don’t remember? You can check out mine here. Of the five goals I set, I’ve accomplished four. Weekly yoga is no longer a goal, it’s part of my work-out routine. Jill and I crushed a sub-55 10k on April […]

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Monday Miles: Marathon Training Week #9

  Week #9. It means I’m halfway there with this marathon training. I’m not going to lie: I don’t feel ready. I don’t feel like I’m running enough to do this thing. I’m also sick of running all the time (even though I’m not running as much as I should be.) Gah. Anyway, here’s how […]

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Monday Miles: Marathon Training Week #8

  Well, for a non-crazed work week, this week saw my fewest number of workouts yet. However, it is my highest weekly mileage to date, thanks to an insane, pain-inducing long run on Sunday. Monday: Zen Stretch @ The Yoga Sanctuary Monday was a holiday in Ontario, so Jill and I checked out a class […]

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Oh, viral videos

We’ve had several people (hi Anne!) send us these videos. And since I’m lazy and didn’t write a post today, I thought I’d share them JUST IN CASE you haven’t seen them. You haven’t, right? Okay, good. Shit Runners Say:   Shit Yogis Say:     Conclusion: Jill and I need to diversify our workout […]

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The little things

On Sunday, I did a 15.8k slog through the Don Valley Trail. I felt great, but when you’re running for that long, your mind will wander to weird places. That run, I thought about all the little things I have come to appreciate about running. When I first started running, I didn’t enjoy it. I […]


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The day the Santas came to town

  As I mentioned in my New Year’s resolutions for 2012, I will run a race. But here’s a secret: I may already have. I will have you know that this particular race, which was in no way MY idea to participate in, was 3k race, held last December, in the dead of winter… wearing […]

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YaxTrax Attack!

Here’s a secret about Toronto: the winters are cold. And snowy. (I know, right? No one has ever told you that before.) This year, we’ve been really lucky, with little snow and mild weather. That changed this week, when temperatures dipped well below zero and Friday brought us our first substantial snowfall . I don’t […]

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6.2km to Kula

I did minimal yoga last year as my racing geared up. I decided that this would not happen in 2012. I made dedicated space in my training program for yoga and spent much off my down time from training exploring different yoga studios in the city to find the right combinations of teacher, times and […]

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On the run in the Don Valley

I hadn’t seen Jill since LAST YEAR (it was about a week ago, but LAST YEAR is crazy fun to say!), so I invited her to join me on my long run and have brunch after this morning. It was a beautiful winter day — -5 degrees and sunny — so we took to the […]

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