Onward and upward. The first steps to marathon #3.

It has been exactly a week since I ran the Ottawa Marathon. I can walk normally again. Toronto now feels like summer. I went to the island Friday night, caught a late ferry back. The skyline was sparkling and I was ready. Ready for summer. Ready to do this marathon training thing for the second […]

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Oh, Ottawa. Marathon #2 is done.

Well, that wasn’t fun. The good: The first 18k and last 400 metres. The bad: Everything in between. A combination of factors came together to make this race the toughest one I’ve ever run. First, it got hot in the second half. It was cooler than forecasts called for, but hot enough I could feel […]

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Let’s do this, Ottawa

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Race recap: Marathon de Paris

I am officially a two time marathoner! Whooo it feels good to finally say that! But this accomplishment did not come as easily as I would have liked. Hell, this marathon actually sucked in comparison to my last. Like everyone has said to me “marathons are supposed to be hard”. And they are right. Otherwise […]

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Race recap: Semi Marathon de Paris

Ahhh!! I’ve been so bad! Sorry people for the lack of posts and things from me! It’s been a busy and internet-less two months in Chislehurst, but still. It’s been way too long depriving you all from my traveling updates and training on the road and I apologize. You’ll be happy to know I made […]

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Wins and weak knees

It’s a busy week, so I wanted to start it off right. I got up early this morning and got a quick run in. My knees hurt the entire time. They felt old and sore and creaky. Uh oh. This is a new sensation for me. I’m used to a sore hip and my left […]

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