Nike Women’s Marathon

Wake Up, Nike Women’s Marathon!

  Hello, Toronto! I am officially back and ready to rekindle my fitness regime after a much needed break (from both the city and from running). Everyone needs a break once in awhile, it’s important to refuel the mind and body, and that is exactly what I did on my west coast vacation. But now, […]

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TNT Fundraising Update: Yoga, On the Beach & LLSC Lottery Winners!

  A few weeks ago before the “2 month till race day mark” officially passed I was feeling quite anxious about NWM and running all together. Let’s face it Cecilley and I have a lot of fundraising left to do and time is running out. In my mind a few months back, I wanted us […]

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2012, what else is in store?

  2012 has been a crazy (and amazing) fitness year so far. When this blog idea actually came to life, I found myself wanting to do as many blog worthy classes, races, climbs whatever, just to write about them. I’ve had moments of self discovery, found rage I didn’t knew existed in me, but more […]

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Team In Training – Jill’s marathon mission

First, don’t be fooled. I am not running a full marathon… Yet. Although these past 4 weeks with my new Team In Training community would have you thinking otherwise. I will not, or cannot, run a full marathon before Erin does. I owe it to her, doing my my 30 day secret challenge in secret […]

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