Surfs up marathon number 3

Yup, it’s true. After dropping the hint last week it’s time I came out with it – I signed up for my third marathon! But I have to honest I actually made this decision before running the Paris Marathon. I know. Something must have told me Paris wasn’t going to be good, that and I knew deep down way […]

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Jill’s Marathon Training Week #12

So what was supposed to be a scale back week turned into a “where the hell are we, and how to we get home?!” kind of run. Julie and I completely lost our pace group and took a slight detour on our 23k route… one wrong turn, man. One wrong turn! But on the bright […]

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The 2012 Running Plan

I’ve been thinking a lot about my 2012 running goals. I want to get faster, but considering that 2011 was my first full year running, that shouldn’t be hard. I think I want to run a marathon. Okay, that’s a lie. I know I want to run a marathon. But the time commitment, the physical […]

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