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Finding Adventure in Digby’s Outdoors

My how time flies (It’s the middle of August already!) We say this all the time and it still shocks us when we look at a calendar or stop to think what day of the week it is, but what exactly are we doing about it? I know I can say nothing really. And that’s […]

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Tuesday: Get lean with Nike.

Since it’s summer, I went to the park to get this done! YES! This meant I didn’t have any weights or medicine balls, but wasn’t concerned. If I ever get that hardcore, I’ll figure it out. I love this app and the workouts are intense and varied, which I like. However, I had a hard […]

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Monday: The first run back.

This week is the first week I plan to back into fitness in a regular way. My plan is to alternate between running without any pressure and the Nike fitness app workouts. I’m also going to do a daily 10-minute ab session – core strength FTW! This was my first run back post-marathon. I put […]

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Erin’s December fitness plans: An advent adventure

November completely ran away from me. November is prime time in CanLit land, and my days were filled with award galas, book launches, readings and more. I know, I know, my life is so tough. So even though December is another busy month filled with candy, cookies and Christmas celebrations, I’m setting myself a challenge. […]

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So you want to hike the East Coast Trail?

Don’t. Hahahaha, okay you can. But it’s not easy. Here are a few tips/tricks to help with your planning! Be sure to read my recaps (part one, two, three and four) to get an idea of our trip! Trail conditions: Expect the trails to be in worse shape than you think they’ll be, especially the […]

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Hiking the East Coast Trail, Part 4: Petty Harbour to St. John’s

  Be sure to check out parts one, two and three¬†first! Petty Harbour: After we checked in, made dinner (curry supplied by Shelley) and passed out at 9:30 (which felt late compared to our usual 8-8:30 bedtimes!) We woke the next morning to more rain and a plan: A complete rest day. We had the […]

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Hiking the East Coast Trail, Part 3: Burnt Cove to Petty Harbour

  If you missed them, check out part one and part two of my east coast adventure. Burnt Cove: Part two ended with me and JK crashing at the Whale Watcher B&B, after a confusing transfer from Flamber Head Path to La Manche Village Path. The La Manche Vilage Path is the only path on […]

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Jill’s Marathon Training Week #7

Lucky training week number 7, if only this were true! I learned a lot from this training week especially what not to do before a long run! Oh goodness… more on the drama that unfolded Sunday morning later. The week began with another off day on Monday. Given it was the long August weekend I […]


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Hiking the East Coast Trail, Part 2: Calvert to Burnt Cove

Check out part one of my east coast adventure (Cappahayden to Calvert) here. ¬†Calvert: Part one ended with us camping in a church parking lot, exhausted and low on water. Our first priority the next morning was to find water. The fishing wharves were nearby, so we asked the first person we saw where we […]

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Hiking the East Coast Trail, Part 1: Cappahayden to Calvert

JK and I got back yesterday, after 14 days of hiking the East Coast Trail in Newfoundland. It was a long trip, filled with highs and lows of the emotional, physical and literal kind. To keep this recap manageable, I’m breaking the trip up into four parts: Cappahayden to Calvert, Calvert to Burnt Cove, Burnt […]

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