Marathon Training Day #29: I am blind, as far as the eye can see

Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 8.17.25 PM

I got new glasses today. I can see. They are making me nauseous My eye doctor said that’s normal, but if I still feel nauseated (see what I did there? Used the terms correctly! Grammar win!) after two weeks to come back and she’ll fix it.

I’m assuming that if I multiply this by 1000, this is what being pregnant feels like. A little.

Today is Monday. Today I rest. With my first recovery week behind me, week #5 is all about the Benjamins Miles.

Monday: rest or cross-train. I choose rest! I surprise no one!
Tuesday: 10k at a comfortable pace
Wednesday: 8×400 with 90 second rests in between
Thursday: REST
Friday: 30 minute hills
Saturday: 30 minute optional run
Sunday: 18k LSD

Soon my long runs will be 20k plus. Let’s enjoy the 18k while I still can.




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